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We’ve helped more than 10,000 organizations save time and money with our online punch clock.

We make payroll and timesheet management painless.

Buddy Punch’s time clock software helps small to medium sized organizations simplify payroll, keep employees accountable, and streamline paid and unpaid time accruals. Here’s how we help organizations like yours:

Time Tracking that pays for itself.

Here are some of the results you can expect from Buddy Punch:

Stop stressing when it’s time to enter timesheets.

Manual calculations, illegible timesheets, and too much data entry are a thing of the past with Buddy Punch software.

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Can I use this on Android/iOS/PC/tablet etc?

Yes we have apps for Android and iOS and work great on the browser on just about any device.

Can I limit where and when employees can punch time?

Yes, we have several different features that allow you to specify exactly where and when employees are able to punch time. For example, our punch limiting feature allows you to specify a timeframe when employees are allowed to punch time. Our geofencing feature allows you to specify a radius around a location and only once an employee is within that radius can they punch time.

Can employees request time off?

Yes, when the time off feature is enabled employees can request time off as needed. Time off requests can either automatically be applied or go to a Manager or Administrator for approval first.

Can employees edit time?

Yes, if editing permissions are enabled, employees can edit their time. You can specify whether approvals are required or not when any edits are made or if an employee manually enters their punch time.

Can I track time spent on a project or at a location?

Yes, we have something called Location and Department Codes, which are labels for time. You create them, assign them to employees, and then employees can punch in and out of them. Your reports will reflect the time put to each code.

Can I give managers permissions over specific employees or departments?

Yes, you can assign specific employees to a Manager. The Manager will only be able to view information or approve requests for those they're assigned.

Can I track employees via GPS?

Yes, we can capture an employee’s location whenever they punch in or out. We don't actively track them while punched in. Their location will show up on their time card next to the corresponding punch.

How does pricing work?

Pricing varies depending on the total number of employees you need to track time. It's an all-inclusive fee, not a per-user fee, and it includes all features and access to our mobile apps. There are no startup, cancellation, support, or additional fees of any kind. There are no taxes either, so you'd only need to worry about the monthly or annual subscription price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leete Tire & Auto Center decreased the time they spent on payroll by half
Leete Tire and Auto cut the time spent tracking their employees’ time in half, clearing up time to spend on other tasks. They also love the accuracy of the software.
“I’m really happy with Buddy Punch for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the amount of time involved tracking employee’s time. This is cut over half, which now clears up my time for other tasks.”
Cosmick Technologies is staying on top of accrued time
Cosmick Technologies understands that employees want to stay on top of their earned time off and it’s as simple as pressing a few buttons now that they use Buddy Punch.
“I personally LOVE all the reports that you can pull at a moment’s notice. If an employee is asking for hours this week or a month ago, “I have that”…if I want to know how many PTO hours the company has paid out this month or all year “I have that.”
Simple integration with Quickbooks for Coast To Coast Transporters
Easy integration with accounting software made choosing Buddy Punch a no brainer for Coast to Coast Transporters. And using a mobile app meant that employees could clock in from anywhere.
“I chose Buddy Punch because it was simple, convenient, and integrated with QuickBooks.”

Here’s how we help you manage time tracking and keep your employees accountable:

Easy to use software

If your team members can open up their email or play Candy Crush, they can use the Buddy Punch system. It’s as simple as opening the app and punching in and out -- and it works from anywhere, making it perfect for remote employees.

Robust customer support

Have a question about billing, account management, new features or employee time cards? We’re here to help! Our amazing customer service team is happy to answer any questions that come up, as well as to help you set up your Buddy Punch account to meet the needs of your business.

Punch in and out using any device

We’ve made using Buddy Punch ridiculously simple. Your employees can punch into our time clock app from anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

Accountability built-in

Stay on top of your employees’ work GPS location tracking, webcam images on each punch, and oversight on any changes. Track where your remote employees are working and assign specific IP addresses to your employees to ensure your employees are working as necessary.

Decrease the time you spend doing payroll by as much as 75%.

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Simplify Payroll

Automatically calculate accrued vacation, sick, and owed time and eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual calculations with payroll reports that take minutes to create. Our customizable payroll reports track where your employers are working, their overtime, hours, and pay, while our system easily integrates with most major payroll software.

Eliminate Paper Timesheets 

Manual calculations and deciphering illegible handwriting are a thing of the past with our easy to use timesheet system and customizable reports. Plus paid and unpaid time off accruals are done automatically so you and your employees always know what time off is available. 

Time Tracking

Real-time insights into overtime and oversight on where and when your employees are working make it easy to stay on top of attendance, time off, and overtime, while built-in accountability features ensure you can easily monitor everyone on your team.


Everyone on your team will have mobile access to their schedule with our add on scheduling software. Employees receive instant notifications when a change has been made. Create, update, and distribute schedules in minutes.

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Unlimited Administrators (no charge)
iOS & Android Smartphone Apps
Job Codes

GPS Position and Geofences
Facial Recognition


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Price based on your employee count if paid annually:

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