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“Not only is the software easy to use, but the customer service is excellent! If I have an issue it is always taken care of within 24 hours if not within a lesser amount of time.”

AK Dale

Hiring Manager at AXPM


“Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. Overall great app. I like how continuously this app is updated and the functionalities are added to meet specific markets need.”

David Cobian

Owner at Repower

Features of Buddy Punch

Multiple Login Options

You can assign each employee a username and password, use facial recognition, or give them a QR Code to scan using a smartphone or webcam.

Do you have people out in the field or do you just need them to use their phones to punch in/out? Buddy Punch looks great on iPhones and Android phones alike.

Take the hassle out of employee scheduling, time tracking, and payroll with BuddyPunch.

Easy-to-use solution that saves time and money:

Web and Mobile scheduling and time tracking for small, medium and large businesses alike.

Streamline your payroll with our easy payroll integrations.

Simple Easy-to-Use Scheduling Software

No credit card required.

You're in fine company. Our customers include:

Buddy Punch integrations make your life easier!

(Online and Desktop)

4.8/5 (491 Reviews)

GPS Coordinates

Choose who you want to collect GPS data on.

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Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone

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Overtime Alerts

Setup daily and weekly alerts when your employees hit certain thresholds.

Vacation & PTO

Optionally allow employees to enter in PTO on their time card.

Job Costing

Create jobs, companies, or any type of label and then have your employees punch in and out of it.

Time Card Approvals

Allow employees to submit time to their manager or administrator for approval.

Punching or Duration

Employees easily login to punch in and out – enable our duration feature for salary employees.


We offer several types of reports that are available for Excel download and/or PDF export.

Web & Mobile Clock In

Optionally you can use our apps, but they are not required. We have desktop and smartphone apps.

Facial Recognition

Employees can login or punch in/out by just looking a computer webcam, smartphone, or tablet.

Automatic Punch Out

Automatically punch an employee out once their shift is completed.

Punch Limiting

Set up punch limiting rules based on shifts, or based on time of day.

Drag and Drop

Easily create shifts and copy them to employees using our drag and drop interface.

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for 4 employees

All plans include

Unlimited Administrators (no charge)
iOS & Android Smartphone Apps
Job Codes

GPS Position and Geofences
Facial Recognition


for 9 employees


for 14 employees


for 19 employees


for 24 employees


for 29 employees


for 39 employees


for 49 employees


for 69 employees


for 99 employees


for 149 employees


for 199 employees

Price based on your employee count if paid annually:

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